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Vmware - Syllabus, Fees & Duration

Section 1 : Course Introduction

  • Introductions and course logistics
  • Course objectives

Section 2 : Introduction to VMware Virtualization

Section 3 : Configuring ESXi/ESX

Section 4 : Installing and Using VMware vCenter Server

Section 5: Networking

  • Explain performance features of network adapters
  • Explain the performance features of vSphere networking
  • Use esxtop to monitor key network performance metrics

Section 6 : Storage Scalability

Section 7 : Virtual Machines

Section 8 : Access Control

Section 9 : Resource Monitoring

Section 10 : Scalability

Section 11 : High Availability and Data Protection

Section 12 : Configuration Management

  • Patching using vCenter Update Manager

Section 13 : Installing ESX

  • Discussion of virtualization & vSphere components /li>
  • Configuration of ESXi and ESX
  • Install and configure vCenterServer
  • Use the VMware vSphere Client
  • Configuration of vNetwork standard
  • Distributed switches, network connections & port groups
  • Storage management technologies
  • Deploy virtual machines using templates
  • VMware vCenter Converter
  • Guided Consolidation

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  • Software developer
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Vmware Internship/Course Details

Vmware internship jobs in Sabah Al Salem
Vmware Students receive hands-on training with VMware-certified equipment. Students will be able to deploy VMware products and manage VMware cloud environments once they have completed training. You can also extend your work opportunities at the same time. 0, and vCenter Server 4. Nestsoft will assist you through the VMware certification process, whether you need certification for beginners or professionals. You can also extend your work opportunities at the same time. This hands-on training course provides VMware vSphere installation, configuration, and management, including VMware ESXi / ESX and VMware vCenter Server. To obtain a virtual understanding of the process, NESTSOFT's VMware training contains the important important theories of virtualization, such as Cloud Management and Automation, Data Center and Virtualization, Desktop and Mobility, and so on. As a result, certification in the course will open several possibilities for you: A candidate can either pursue more qualifications in order to obtain a high-paying career or work in the field in which he studied. Instructor-led or on-demand VMware training courses are frequently available to meet your preferred learning style.

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