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Getting Started with Kotlin

  • Define Kotlin
  • Environment Setup
  • First Program Concept
  • Kotlin Variable and Data Type
  • Kotlin Type Conversion
  • Kotlin Operator
  • Input/Output

Control Flow

  • if Expression
  • when Expression
  • for Loop and while Loop
  • Do while Loop
  • Return and Jump
  • Continue Structure

Exploring Kotlin Functions

  • Kotlin Function
  • Recursion Function
  • Default and Named Argument
  • Kotlin Lambdas
  • Higher-Order Function
  • Kotlin Inline Function

Exception Handling

  • Kotlin Try Catch
  • Multiple Catch Block
  • Nested Try Block
  • Kotlin Finally Block
  • Kotlin Throw Keyword

Overview of Collections

  • Mutable Array
  • Kotlin Collections
  • List: listOf()
  • mutableListOf()
  • Kotlin ArrayList
  • arrayListOf()
  • Map: mapOf()
  • Kotlin HashMap
  • hashMapOf() and mutableMapOf()
  • Set: setOf()
  • mutableSetOf() and hashSetOf()

Exploring Kotlin OOPs

  • Class and Object
  • Nested and Inner Class
  • Kotlin Constructor
  • Visibility Modifier
  • Kotlin Inheritance
  • Abstract Class
  • Kotlin Interface
  • Data and Sealed Class
  • Extension Function
  • Kotlin Generics

Introduction to Ranges

  • Integer Type Range
  • Working Ranges
  • Utility Function

Get Started with Kotlin Android

  • Install Android Studio
  • Hello World App
  • Android TextView and EditText
  • Kotlin Android Toast
  • Android Button and Custom Toast
  • Android Explicit and Implicit Intent
  • Android ListView and AlertDialog
  • Android Context Menu and Custom ListView
  • Android Options Menu and Android Popup Menu
  • Android WebView and SeekBar
  • TabLayout with FrameLayout and ViewPager
  • XML Parsing using DOM Parser and SAX Parsers
  • Android XMLPullParser

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  • Mobile Application developer
  • IOS/Android App Developer
  • Android Trainer
  • Mobile Application Architect
  • Android Kotlin Engineer
  • Kotlin Developer
  • Native Android Developer
  • Mobile Security Engineer
  • Lead Android Engineer

Android Internship/Course Details

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Android The downloadable gear for the gadgets came in a variety of shapes and sizes, and it was enough to keep you enthralled for hours. Kotlin includes several simple ideas and strategies that can help developers cut needless code and build apps more quickly. The ability to use and share information from Java in a variety of ways is Kotlin's most powerful feature. Since the platform was originally set up, android apps have been rolling in thick and fast through Nestsoft android online training in Kuwait. When developing using Kotlin, you may prevent mistakes like NullPoint Exceptions. This means that creators will continue to use the same toolbox for all of their Kotlin requests. It is used in the manufacture of several well-known firms. This Android training course starts with the principles of Java programming and progresses to full-fledged Android application development for Android Java and Android Kotlin fundamentals. . Nestsoft Android coaching in JAVA or KOTLIN is fit for novices and there are no boundaries.

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