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Section 1: Video Editing for YouTube using Canva

  • Video Mixing
  • Audio Mixing
  • Animations
  • Text Settings
  • Speed Settings
  • Searching Videos

Section 2: Thumb Image Settings using Canva

  • Making Thumb Images
  • Making Cover Photos
  • Logo
  • Posters
  • Searching Images/Designs

Section 3: YouTube Channel Settings

  • Channel Name & URL
  • Default Values
  • Tags
  • Cover Photo

Section 4: YouTube Video Settings

  • Video Title, Description & Tags
  • Upload Video
  • Live Broadcasting
  • Video Settings

Section 5: Introduction to YouTube and video marketing

  • Evolution of YouTube
  • The power of online video
  • Why YouTube SEO is important
  • Keeping up with YouTube algorithm changes

Section 6: Producing a Video Content Strategy

  • Content creation planning & strategy
  • Producing a content calendar
  • Identifying content trends
  • What makes content “Shareable”?

Section 7: Publishing Videos and YouTube SEO

  • Video title optimization
  • Video description optimization
  • Video Tags
  • Video thumbnails

Section 8: Content Curation Techniques for Higher Engagement

  • The power of playlisting
  • Optimizing archive and library content
  • Passive content curation

Section 9: Content Distribution and Promotion

  • Other content distribution platforms
  • Paid vs unpaid promotion

Section 10: Passive & Active Cross-promotion

  • What is cross-promotion?
  • What is collaboration?
  • Active cross-promotion techniques
  • Passive cross-promotion techniques

Section 11: Understanding YouTube data & analytics

  • Basics of YouTube Analytics
  • What is watch-time & why is it so important?
  • Understanding your audience via YouTube Analytics
  • Key metrics to track

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YouTube Marketing Jobs in Kuwait

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  • YouTube Content Creator
  • YouTube Marketing Trainer
  • Digital Media Expert
  • YouTube Account Manager
  • Digital Operation Manager
  • Social Media Intern
  • Strategic Partner Manager
  • Digital Marketing Creator
  • Social Media Executive
  • YouTube ads creator

YouTube Marketing Internship/Course Details

YouTube Marketing internship jobs in Kuwait
YouTube Marketing These users provide various traffic prospects for your business. Nestsoft also facilitates optimizing your videos properly for organic discovery. YouTube might be an opportunity to add color and movement to your business image. Your videos might be among those videos viewed daily. Nestsoft’s YouTube Video promoting course will teach you ways to form an economical content strategy, content arrangement in applicable strategies, and different requirements of YouTube video marketing. YouTube promoting is one among the digital advertising platforms wherever you'll be able to promote businesses and products on YouTube’s platform, by uploading videos on your enterprise’s YouTube channel or using YouTube ads. Nestsoft offers the most effective on-line YouTube promoting course. Meanwhile, a replacement generation of viewers is currently choosing to look at YouTube completely on their connected TV screens, with casting watch time for YouTube growing by quite 60 minutes a year. A video is going to be a wonderful way to address a usually asked question or facilitate troubleshooting common problems along with your product. whether your business is new YouTube or you’re trying to optimize your existing performance, our YouTube marketing course can take your video strategy to a subsequent level.

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